Home Buying Process

The homebuying process, especially the first time around, can be long and involved. Let Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices CNY Realty help!

Where Do We Start?

With a map and then a quick get-together with one of our agents who’ll listen to your plans and interests. We’ll ask whether you’re looking for a home, condominium, or building site, and what amenities are your top priority. We’ll also talk some rough numbers.

How Long Does It Take?

Some of our clients have found homes they love in a couple of days or even less. Others take a more leisurely approach. Our objective, always, is to direct you to property you'll fall in love with relatively quickly.

What is a Buyers Agent?

A Buyers agent is a real estate professional selected by you, the buyer, to help you find the ideal home, negotiate a contract on it, and get the contract to closing. He or she agrees to be your advocate, to advise you, to disclose all known material information related to a property, to be reasonably available for showings and any other matters related to your home search, and to counsel you during the process. Any information shared by you should be considered confidential.

What Happens When We Fall In Love With a Particular Property?

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices CNY Realty, REALTORS, will help you prepare an offer. We use approved NY Board of REALTORS forms with modifications and addenda specific to this area, with additional provisions tailored for you.

When Can We Close?

If the seller accepts your offer, you can expect the closing to take place within 30-60 days, depending on your due diligence requirements and financing.

Why Chose An Agent?

Any algorithm can search for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. But only an agent can spot a kitchen fit for foodies, the open floor plan you covet, or that the den would be perfect for your home office. Your agent will also query colleagues and contacts for leads on potential homes that haven't even been listed online yet.

Can We Negotiate?

Of course, but if the seller rejects your offer, don't be discouraged—we will help you figure out the next step to take, whether to pursue the original property or to move on.

How Do We Get The Best Price?

Make offers as clean as possible, with minimal contingencies. Seek diamonds in the rough. Many buyers can't visualize "potential"...if you can, that's an opportunity. If you want to finance your purchase, you will need to get pre-qualified with a local lender and submit that approval with your offer. Settlement Fees? In Central New York, title insurance - your guarantee the seller will convey clear title to you - is paid by the seller. Your lender will review financing costs (points, appraisal and credit report fees, tax reserves, etc) with you.

What About Earnest Money?

Your offer to purchase is normally presented with a 1% deposit, which is held in a non-interest bearing trust account.

What Will You Do For Us?

Besides helping you track and find your dream home, we handle the big picture and these countless little details: order the appropriate inspections, work with your lender and the appraiser to be certain your loan is approved in time, confer with the title company about dozens of closing details and the preparation of your settlement statement, and make sure you receive a recorded deed and title policy. In addition, we remain your primary source of information and assistance months and years after closing.

When Do We Start?

How about now? Explore our buyer’s package and see what fires your imagination. Then grab a map and contact us to begin tracking down your dreams.


Costs Associated with Home Buying

Besides the amount you need to put down on your dream home, there are other costs involved when buying a home.

Preferred Lenders

Preferred Lender

Paragon Home Loans

It is our goal to provide our customers with the best mortgage products available. What makes us attractive to our customers is that we have partnered with many of the biggest and most diverse lenders in the country to offer a variety of programs and rates to fit the needs of all of our customers.